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Building successful email campaigns.

We help organizations grow their email subscription lists, design newsletters, and build automated email campaigns. We also provide you with ongoing reports to track open rates among other important pieces of data.

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Copywriting, design and reporting.
We do it all in-house.

Making every email count.


Keep your audience up-to-date with the latest news, recent announcements and upcoming events.  Newsletters can be sent out according to the frequency that best suits your audience and is an ideal way to share fresh content such as new blog posts and videos.

Automated Emails

Automation is the name of the game.  We build automated emails that are triggered based on a reader’s behaviour. For example, we can automatically send out a welcome email when someone subscribes to an email list or send out a birthday email automatically every year to a reader on their birthday.

Customer Journeys

Building a customer journey allows you to reach a larger audience and keep your audience engaged by adding actions and rules based on the way an audience member interacts with your email campaigns.  It makes for a more personalized experience which helps to develop trust and loyalty.

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